As part of NEWSERA, we are launching a survey about communication in citizen science projects. It’s addressed to those responsible for citizen science projects based in the European Union and the United Kingdom: if you fit this description, we would like to hear about your experience!

Completing the survey will give you the opportunity to participate, expenses covered, to our #CitSciComm Labs together with science communication experts and journalists. The Labs will consist in small group meetings, aimed at better understanding and improving science communication through a mutual learning process.

If you are interested in following the future outcomes of the project or to be included in the labs, please leave us your email address in the last part of the survey. Even if you are not interested in follow-ups, we will treasure your answers: all the information we gather will be useful to demonstrate the potential of citizen science as a science communication tool.

GO TO THE SURVEY [This link has been disabled with the conclusion of the first round of the survey]

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This survey will help us to understand better the current environment of citizen science projects in the EU and UK. We are particularly interested in the ways the projects use to communicate and engage with their community. This is a crucial aspect that we think plays an important role in making projects successful. And it’s interesting to us, because one of the main ideas behind NEWSERA is to find innovative and effective strategies for science communication in citizen science projects. Studying the state of the art is the first step to build something new.

We developed this survey as a group effort, but with the prominent contribution of Università degli Studi di Padova (UNIPD). The data we gather will be managed by UNIPD itself and by Ibercivis: you can read more about our privacy policy below.



We care about your data and your rights on them: all personal data are regulated under the GDPR, so you can exercise your rights according to this law.

We will not use personal data for the research. We will require personal or institutional data to keep contact, if you agree to provide it to us. Personal Data will be stored until the end of the project: December 2022. We follow strict security procedures when storing personal data and under no circumstances we will transfer personal data to third parties.

Ibercivis is responsible for processing and protecting all personal – and no personal – data obtained. University of Padova (UNIPD) is also responsible for processing and protecting the survey data. 

You are free to leave the survey at any moment. 

To read more about data protection and how to exercise your rights on data, download the pdf of the full privacy notice.