REINFORCE (Research Infrastructures FOR citizens in Europe) is a project that focuses on one key concept: bridging the gap between science and society through Citizen Science.

In July, REINFORCE launched a survey addressed to all citizens, in order to learn more about the motivations, interests and characteristics of people that may become citizen scientists in the future. Taking the survey will help the REINFORCE team to design better citizen science projects and support activities.



NEWSERA is joining forces with this project in order to build a strong network in the field of Citizen Science. NEWSERA and REINFORCE will collaborate sharing information and resources about project activities, interesting events and webinars, and help each other to promote the projects.


More about REINFORCE

REINFORCE will explore the potential of citizen science for society by engaging more than 100,000 citizens in the research done in Large Research Infrastructures through a participatory design methodology. Citizens will cooperate with researchers and actively contribute in the development of new knowledge for the needs of science and society.

The project will create a series of cutting-edge citizen science projects on frontier Physics research. Citizens will use real and simulated data for analysis, simple affordable detectors and instrumentation to measure properties of objects such as cosmic rays, providing among others their contributions in large infrastructure site specific parameters such as environmental impacts and noise. Furthermore, through the use of open data as with dedicated training activities on their use and analysis, citizens will be able to perform their own inquiries, guided and supported by the REINFORCE experts.

REINFORCE brings together world leading Large Research Infrastructures and research institutions in the fields of frontier Physics, Citizen Science, Science Education, Social Innovation, Policy and Economic Competitiveness. The project was launched in December 2019. It’s a Research & Innovation Project, supported by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 SWAFS programme under the call “Exploring and supporting citizen science”.

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