Open science is a movement that aims to make science more accessible, democratic and transparent. According to the European Commission, Citizen Science is strongly connected to this idea, because its “both an aim and enabler of Open Science”.

To explore and discuss this connection, OpenAIRE is launching an online workshop for researchers, university staff and citizen scientists: “University approaches to Citizen Science in the transition to Open Science Institutional opportunities and challenges for creating an open and inclusive environment for Research” (9-10 December).



The workshop will discuss how institutions can support Citizen Science, along with its challenges and opportunities. According to the workshop programme, “participating universities will have the opportunity to share expertise, coordinate efforts and exchange advice on services, tools and legal and ethical issues”.

The online sessions will also be a place to share tools, guidelines and good practices from Open Science experiences as well.



OpenAIRE is a Non-Profit Partnership that receives funding by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme. Its aim is to promote openness among research institutions and increase access and accessibility of science knowledge to different parts of society.


Photo by PhotoMIX Company/Pexels