We are glad to announce the publication of our first video animation on the NEWSERA #CitSciComm Labs! This is the first in a series of four videos explaining how the Labs work, and sharing some of their most prominent findings.

The Labs are at the very core of NEWSERA: through a series of workshops, the 38 citizen science initiatives involved work together with science communication experts and representatives of key target stakeholder in order to co-create innovative communication strategies. But how do the Labs themselves work?

In this first video, find out more about the questions the NEWSERA Labs are addressing, and how they are helping citizen science projects to test and improve their communication practices on the field, making sure they are effective to reach the communities the projects’ are actually interested in.

Watch the video animation on the NEWSERA YouTube Channel:


The video was produced by NEWSERA partner Formicablu in collaboration with motion graphic designer Luana Caiazzo.

Stay tuned for the next videos in this series, that will share how each round of workshops in the Labs works, from understanding each pilot project’s needs to taking into account key stakeholders’ perspective, and finally evaluating success.