We are happy to announce that Round 2 of the NEWSERA #CitSciComm Labs is about to be in full swing! After a fresh start with Track 2 of the Science and Data Journalists Lab in January, the upcoming months will see a new format of our co-creation events: workshops focused on cross-cutting topics – such as defining indicators of success, increasing trust in citizen-generated data and tackling misinformation.

Contrary to what happened during the first round, the Pilot Citizen Science projects participating in the Labs will not be divided on working groups based on their target stakeholder, but will be grouped together to better address and exchange experiences on common challenges and cross-cutting issues. As for Round 1, tough, the NEWSERA Pilots will first work together in national groups based in Italy, Portugal and Spain, and then converge and share their experiences during the NEWSERA Fridays.

Here is a list of the upcoming Round 2 events:


14 February 2022 – 18 February 2022

The NEWSERA Impact Framework in practice: co-designing ad hoc indicators for CS projects

This event is reserved to NEWSERA Pilots only


4 March 2022

NEWSERA Friday – Co-designing indicators for Citizen Science projects

Public event – Join on Zoom


14 March 2022 – 18 March 2022

Increasing trust in citizen generated data and demonstrating the impact of CS to inform evidence-based policies

This event is reserved to NEWSERA Pilots only


25 March 2022

NEWSERA Friday – Increasing trust in citizen science data

Public event – Join on Zoom


4 April 2022 – 8 April 2022

Co-Identifying ethical and misinformation issues with NEWSERA pilots

This event is reserved to NEWSERA Pilots only


22 April 2022

NEWSERA Friday – Ethical issues and misinformation

Public event – Join on Zoom


See the full list on our Events page



Cover photo by RODNAE Productions/Pexels