On 21-22 March 2022, don’t miss the Final event of the TRESCA and RETHINK projects!

This final conference culminates the efforts of TRESCA and RETHINK to highlight ongoing conversations between scientists, policy makers, media and science communication practitioners and many different audiences. The conference focuses on how we can strengthen the connections between various stakeholders and publics in order to more effectively respond to current and future uncertainties. In the future, science should become more a point of connection than one of polarisation. In a series of keynotes, panels, and engaging conversations, participants will discuss and co-create how science communication as a practice can build towards public trust – by making new connections and shaping the conversations that matter.

In the words of the event’s organisers:

While science communication may be more important than ever, it is also more challenging. We live in a time of uncertainty that challenges established relationships between science, media, publics and politics. Science is openly contested in the public arena by actors that at best raise doubt and at worst respond antagonistically to scientific practice. Efforts to shift towards a new science communication ecosystem, one that is more adaptive and at the same time reliable and trustworthy, have been at the heart of both the RETHINK and TRESCA project.

Be sure not to miss the panel “Transformation and reflection: how can reflective practice help us adapt to current complexities?” on March 22nd at 10:25, with NEWSERA’s own Elisabetta Tola from formicablu. Read the full programme here.

The conference will take place online, on 21 March and 22 March. For more information and registration, please visit the registration page on Science | Business.

More about the projects

RETHINK has the objective to provide recommendations and guidelines to maintain and improve the quality of interactions in the new science communication landscape. The projects aims to provide support to re-examine and re-orientate science communication across Europe. During the first phase of the project, RETHINK partners focused on observing and analysing current science communication practices in seven countries. Each of these countries set up a Rethinkerspace: a multi-actor, heterogeneous entity which enables the mobilization of a wide diversity of stakeholders and experts in the science communication ecosystem. In the second phase of the project, partners focused on the production of concrete outcomes to contribute to the advancement of science communication theory and practice in Europe.

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TRESCA was designed with the aim of building long-term impact and creating positive change through engaging with and training stakeholders such as scientists, journalists, policy makers and the public. The project’s primary goal is understanding how science communication can help rebuild trust in science and scientific experts. Digital devices and services increasingly permeate people’s everyday life, which is why TRESCA relies on visual communications to empower and inform people with knowledge to thrive in today’s digital environment. Three key societal developments are at the centre of TRESCA: misinformation and digital safety, environmental health, and automation and the future of skills and work.

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