Citizen science projects all over the world are dealing with common challenges and cross-cutting issues, from misinformation to accurately assessing their impact on society. But how can they tackle them? Find out watching the latest NEWSERA video animation, just published on our YouTube channel! It’s the third video in our series explaining the methodology and first results of the NEWSERA #CitSciComm Labs, our workshops on how to innovate communication for citizen science projects.

This animation goes through what happened during the second series of workshops in the #CitSciComm Labs, which was dedicated to analysing new challenges and cross-cutting issues in citizen science. During the second round of the NEWSERA #CitSciComm Labs, the pilot projects focused on capacity building, by sharing and exploring new ways to tackle these emerging and ever-pressing issues.

Watch the full video:


The animation was produced by videomaker and graphic designer Luana Caiazzo.


Watch the whole series of our animations about the #CitSciComm Labs on the NEWSERA YouTube channel.