D1.1 Project Management Handbook

An overview of the management structures and procedures that will ensure efficient execution and quality of the NEWSERA project.

D1.2 Quality, Risk and Contingency Management Plan

An overview of the Quality, Risk and Contingency Management Plan procedures that will be used throughout the NEWSERA project.


D6.1 Events 1

A presentation of the events attended and planned by the NEWSERA consortium to promote, disseminate and actively engage different audiences during the first year of the project.

D6.2 Dissemination and Communication Plan

A description of the dissemination and communication strategy that will be used to maximize the impacts of the NEWSERA project, together with its implementation plan.

D6.3 NEWSERA Visual Identity

The visual identity of the project, with the logo, guidelines for its use and template documents for project related activity.


D8.1 H – Requirement No. 1

An outline of the ethical aspects of the participation of humans in project activities, with a focus on procedures to identify and recruit participants.

D8.2 POPD – Requirement No. 2

This document corresponds to Requirement No. 2 on Protection of Personal Data (PODP). It outlines the procedures on data collection and protection during the project.

D8.3 H – POPD – Requirement No. 3

This documents includes the informed consent procedures that will be implemented during the course of the project.