National Workshop for funders in CC & SSH

  • 25 May 2022
    11:00 - 12:00 CEST

NEWSERA Coordinator Rosa Arias and Project Manager Joana Magalhães will present the NEWSERA project during the “National Workshop for funders in CC & SSH” organized by IBERCIVIS under the scope of the project COESO.

COESO partners Ibercivis and European Citizen Science Association (ESCA) are bringing together groups of funders, first at a national level and then at an international level, in a series of workshops. The overall aim of the workshops is to raise awareness about “participatory research” as a valuable type of citizen science within the SSH and stimulate more funding opportunities for it:

We hope that by bringing funders together and engaging them in conversation, we can learn more about the missions they are currently focused on as well as the challenges they face in finding enough applicants for their calls. We would like to explore with them how participatory research (as a type of citizen science) in the social sciences and humanities, with its implied co-design and co-implementation with citizens, answers their calls regarding missions that focus on today’s societal challenges.

With the results obtained from the workshops and based on the lessons learned from their landscape study in 2021, COESO’s partners will deliver a policy brief and advocacy plan to the European Commission, providing information about the funding situation and needs regarding citizen science (specifically Participatory Research) in the Social Sciences and Humanities disciplines.

Find out more about this approach on the COESO project’s website.