• 25 May 2022
    16:15 - 17:00 CEST

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Have you already signed up to C*Sci 2022? This year the event by takes place in a single online space from May 23rd to May 26, 2022. C*Sci 2022’s tagline – Connected where you are – stresses the importance of breaking down boundaries and start new collaborations:

Nobody should have to do this work alone – this is the place to meet new collaborators, gain new skills, and expand your perspectives for the most meaningful and impactful research. We break down boundaries to both challenge and inspire each other in this work. This is a different kind of event, welcoming contributors from all roles and perspectives in this field. Insights from all improve this field – get connected!

This year, NEWSERA is featured among the rich selection of poster presentations:

Unleashing the potential of newsable stories from citizen science initiatives derived data

Working Across Boundaries 4

WHEN: Wed May 25, 2022 – 4.15 PM UTC-4 / 10.15 PM CET

AUTHORS: Joana Magalhães, SfC; Rosa Arias, SfC; Elisabetta Tola, Formicablu; Marco Boscolo, Formicablu; Cristina Luís, CIUHCT; Inês Navalhas, CIUHCT; Esther Marín-González, cE3c; Leire Leguina, FECYT; Ana Elorza, FECYT; Maite Pelacho, IBERCIVIS; Paolo Giardullo, UNIPD; Maria Angela Citarella, UNIPD

The poster will present recommendations to better engage with science and data journalists that were gathered during the Data Journalism Lab, organized by NEWSERA in the three countries with the participation of Vera Novais, Rui Barros, Michelle Catanzaro, Eli Vivas, Karma Peiró, Elisabetta Tola and Marco Boscolo.

Read the full programme on or see more details about poster presentations.


More about C*Sci 2022

C*Sci is organized by the Citizen Science Association (CSA), an organization that connects people from a wide range of experiences around one shared purpose: advancing knowledge through research and monitoring done by, for, and with members of the public. Why C*Sci? The strength of this field is our openness to learning across boundaries, particularly across the many approaches to research by, for, and with members of the public. Whether contributory, collaborative, or co-created, whether called community science, crowdsourcing, or citizen science (or efforts that don’t start with c!), CSA is a place for all perspectives and the language of this event reflects that.