NEWSERA at the National Meeting of Citizen Science 2021 in Portugal

  • 25 November 2021 - 26 November 2021
    All Day CEST

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NEWSERA will be present at the Portuguese National Meeting of Citizen Science 2021, that will take place all across Portugal and online. Rosa Arias, NEWSERA Project Coordinator, will be present as Guest Speaker. Moreover, the project will be featured in a conference.


Science communication strategies in citizen science projects. Preliminary results of the NEWSERA project

WITH: Cristina Luís (FCUL), Inês Navalhas (FCUL), Esther Marín (FCUL), Rosa Arias (Science for Change).


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More about the National Meeting of Citizen Science 2021

Science and innovation are essential to finding solutions to the urgent challenges facing contemporary society. But for this to happen in a relevant and effective way, it is essential to meet the needs, values ​​and aspirations of citizens. In this sense, citizen science constitutes a powerful tool to democratize and build trust in science, boosting the opening of the research and innovation system to the participation and collective thinking of society, while enhancing the interest and involvement of citizens/ aces in science.

The National Meeting of Citizen Science 2021 (ENCC 2021) therefore intends to build bridges to a shared science.

ENCC 2021 will focus on sharing and discussing challenges and good practices that lead to a more effective involvement of citizens, businesses, industry, policy makers and the public sector, in research and innovation processes, through citizen science.

The full programme for the Meeting is still being defined. For updates and information on how to participate, visit