#citscicomm Labs

The NEWSERA #CitSciComm Labs


Citizen science projects are a complex ecosystem: they involve communities of citizens, scientists, policy makers and industries. One of the challenges these projects face is to adequately communicate the meaningful results and high-quality scientific data they generate to the stakeholders involved; this is crucial both to get back to the citizens who participated in the project and to inform new policies and businesses.
Another key aspect of CS projects is the effectiveness of the technology they employ: there isn’t much research on how the users interact with CS apps and their role in the project success.

NEWSERA will tackle these and other issues in the #CitSciComm Labs, which are the core of the entire project. The Labs will involve small groups of citizen science practitioners (selected from the NEWSERA survey), representatives from different stakeholders groups and science communication experts: together they will collaborate on new and improved strategies of communication with quadruple helix stakeholders and journalists.
The presence of representatives of citizens and society in general, academic scientists, industries and SMEs, policy makers and journalists is crucial for the Labs: they will have an active role in voicing their interests and necessities. This way, with the help of communication experts, citizen scientists will be able to understand how to reach them and involve them in their projects.

Each Lab will consist of a series of three co-creation workshops, that will be held online and with different groups for each country involved in the project (Spain, Portugal and Italy). While the co-creation workshops are held within each group, there will be moments in which all groups come together to share their work and findings.

The results of the Labs will be the basis for five Communication Blueprints, guidelines for more effective science communication strategies in citizen science projects that will be produced by the NEWSERA Team and made available online.

Each Lab will focus on one specific stakeholder: