Industries and SMEs

Industries and small and medium-sized enterprises are among the leading innovators in society. Their relation to citizen science is still underdeveloped, and could lead to interesting new opportunities.
However, it’s an extremely heterogeneous group, with several scales, purposes, resources and areas of expertise; this makes it particularly challenging to reach and engage.

To attract and involve industries and SMEs in citizen science projects, it’s important to find common grounds between the two environments.
On the one hand, citizen science can be a promising tool for enterprises interested in social innovation and community participation, because citizen science projects could be used to promote a responsible approach to business, but also to explore the ideas and interests of potential consumers.
On the other hand, including industries and SMEs in their network could be beneficial for citizen science projects, in order to be more sustainable.


The Lab

The “NEWSERA Industries and SMEs Lab” will be useful for citizen science practitioners to find effective communication strategies towards entrepreneurs and industries, during a series of co-creation workshops that will involve people from both groups.
Participants include a small group of: citizen science practitioners (selected during the NEWSERA survey), representatives from different enterprises, a science communication expert acting as moderator, and members from the NEWSERA Team.

The Lab is held online, with three different groups of participants in Spain, Portugal and Italy. While the co-creation workshops are held within each group, there will be moments in which all groups come together to share their work and findings.


The 1st workshop was conducted between January 25 and January 29, 2021.
More details on the 2nd and 3rd workshops will be published in the upcoming months.

The projects taking part in this Lab


  • Adopt a plant
  • Vivencia Dehesa
  • Biook biohacking


  • Biodiversity4All
  • Memória para Todos
  • Rios Potáveis


  • CSMON-Life
  • Easin
  • The school of Ants