Public sector and policy makers

Building trust among citizens and institutions is still a great challenge. In modern democracies, public institutions need to be close to citizens, to increase their legitimacy, accountability and good governance. And citizens themselves are eager to be more involved in the policymaking process.
Increasingly often, policy makers are turning towards citizen science as a way to engage with their citizens and gather evidence for new, science-informed, policies.

Involving policy makers in citizen science projects could increase the impact of the project, especially with projects that could help to understand a public issue better or address one that is already well known.
It’s also a way to held institutions accountable and to influence policies using scientific evidence.


The Lab

In the “NEWSERA Public sector and policy makers Lab”, policy makers and citizen science practitioners will discuss the gaps in communication between the two environments and work on how to close them, during a series of co-creation workshops.
Participants include a small group of: citizen science practitioners (selected during the NEWSERA survey), policy makers and public sector professionals, a science communication expert acting as moderator, and members from the NEWSERA Team.

The Lab is held online, with three different groups of participants in Spain, Portugal and Italy. While the co-creation workshops are held within each group, there will be moments in which all groups come together to share their work and findings.


The 1st workshop was conducted between February 8 and February 12, 2021.
More details on the 2nd and 3rd workshops will be published in the upcoming months.

The projects taking part in this Lab