Policy briefs


Re-thinking Science Communication: Take-away Ideas for Citizen Science Initiatives

NEWSERA’s 1st policy brief identifies the challenges that citizen science initiatives may face when reaching out to different communities, and pinpoint innovative ideas to overcome difficulties and adapt to a changing science communication environment.

English full version: Re-thinking Science Communication: Take-away Ideas for Citizen Science Initiatives
Italian full version: Ripensare la Comunicazione della Scienza: consigli pratici per le iniziative di Citizen Science
Portuguese full version: Repensando a Comunicação de Ciência: Ideias para Iniciativas de Ciência Cidadã 
Spanish full version: Repensar la Comunicación Científica: Ideas para iniciativas de Ciencia Ciudadana

Direct download of versions addressed to single stakeholders:

Citizens and society at large – ENG – ESPITAPTG
Academic scientists – ENGESPITAPTG
Public sectors and policy makers – ENGESPITAPTG
Industries and SMEs – ENGESPITAPTG
Data and science journalists – ENGESPITAPTG


Citizen Science as the New Paradigm for Science Communication

NEWSERA’s 2nd policy brief assesses the potential and challenges of Citizen Science as the new paradigm for science communication. It presents the NEWSERA methodologies, the evidence collected and the impacts achieved, including the exploration of new concepts such as citizen science journalism and citizen science communication to tackle misinformation. It explores the relationship, communication challenges, and barriers experienced between researchers and policy makers, and makes recommendations to the European Commission to overcome them and increase the support to CS and science communication for the benefit of European citizens and society at large.

Full version: Citizen Science as the New Paradigm for Science Communication

Scientific Publications


Taking stock and re-examining the role of science communication

Roche, J.; Arias, R.; Bell, L.; Boscolo, M.; Fornetti, A.; Knutas, A.; Kupper, F.; Magalhães, J.; Mannino, I.; Mendoza, I.; Moreno-Castro, C.; Murphy, K.; Pridmore, J.; Smyth, F.; Tola, E.; Tulin, M.; Weitkamp, E.; Wolff, A. (2021)
Frontiers in Environmental Science, 9:734081.


Responsible and Inclusive Citizen Science. Comparing Initiatives and Assessing Impacts

Giardullo, P.; Arias, R.; Leguina, L.; Magalhaes, J. (2021)
Italian Journal of Science and Technology Studies, 12 (2) pp. 133-140 – ISSN 2038-3460
Full text


A methodological approach to co-design citizen science communication strategies directed to quadruple-helix stakeholders

Magalhães, J.; Guasch, B.; Arias, R.; Giardullo, P.; Elorza, A.; Navalhas, I.; Marín-González, E.; Mazzonetto, M; Luís, C. (2022)
JCOM 21 (04), A05.


Creating new pathways for increased dialogue between science and society through citizen science

Arias, R.; Magalhães, J.; Luís, C.; Navalhas, I.; Marín, E.; Giardullo, P.; Citarella, M.A.; Agulló, O. (2022)
Proceedings of Science&You 2021 Parallel Sessions, Atelier Thématique #21, pp. 312-313
Full text


Keeping participants engaged in citizen science projects: the role of science communication strategies

C. Luís; I. Navalhas; E. Marín-González; J. Magalhães; R. Arias; P. Giardullo; L. Leguina (2022)
Proceedings of Engaging Citizen Science Conference 2022, PoS(CitSci2022), Vol. 418



La sfida del public engagement: dalla teoria alla pratica. Riflessioni dal progetto NEWSERA H2020

Citarella M.A.; Giardullo P. (2022)
Quaderni di comunicazione scientifica, 2/2022



Citizen science and participatory science communication: an empirically informed discussion connecting research and theory

P. Giardullo; F. Neresini; E. Marín-González; C. Luís; J. Magalhães; R. Arias (2023)
JCOM 22(2), A01.