SwafS-19 Collaboration

The 8 projects funded under the SwafS-19 “Taking Stock and Re-Examining the Role of Science Communication” have constituted a Working Group and meet periodically creating a space for mutual learning.


RETHINK will analyse current science communication practices in different countries and produce guidelines for the advancement of science communication theory and practice in Europe.

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CONCISE aims to generate a debate on science communication among media outlets, policy makers, scientists, companies, science communicators and civil society groups. It researches the means by which EU citizens acquire their science-related knowledge, and how this knowledge influences them, through citizen consultations.

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QUEST defines, measures and supports quality in science communication, with a specific focus on topics that are object of public debate. The project will develop tools to improve the effectiveness of dialogue between science and society.

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ParCos will create participatory science stories with source material that can be directly accessed from the public. It will also focus on inclusivity and on the creation of tools that the audience can use to tell their own stories.

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TRESCA will explore what drives public trust in social science communication through experimental and qualitative research. Its aim is to increase the production, exchange and consumption of accurate scientific communication, with a focus on critical issues in digitalisation (misinformation, environmental health, automation of work).

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NEWSERA’s aim is to study and improve the communication strategies of citizen science projects, in order to increase their ability to reach quadruple-helix stakeholders and journalists, and explore the potential of citizen science as the new paradigm for science communication.

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ENJOI’s goal is that of improving science communication by making it more consistently reliable, truthful, open and engaging. The project will explore and test engagement as a key asset of innovation in science communication distributed via media platforms, with a strong focus on journalism.

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The aim of GlobalSCAPE is to generate a detailed picture of science communication in a global context. The central component to the methodology implements a large-scale programme of automated diary studies to gather perspectives of science communication professionals. Those perspectives and variations will be mapped over time, providing a powerful tool for analysis.

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Projects on Citizen Science and RRI


A Citizen Science project to measure and tackle odor pollution.

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A project that explores new ways to create responsible research and innovation.

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A project that promotes Responsible Innovation in smart home solutions.

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Projects advancing the research on science communication and citizen science


An online platform for sharing Citizen Science resources.

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A project to consolidate, develop, and mainstream generated knowledge and connections on science communication to build up the European Competence Centre for Science Communication.

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A project that co-creates and finds new funding schemes for boosting the impact and value of citizen sciences, and sustaining it in time.

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