Blueprints for science communication

The blueprints are the results of a process co-created together with 39 citizen science projects, invited stakeholders and science communication experts, during the CitSciComm Labs. How to address a specific stakeholder for citizen science, case-studies presentations and recommendations are presented. Click on the images below to see and download the blueprints.

Guide of science communication in citizen science projects and citizen science journalism

A must-have tool for all those who want to start or rethink their own communication strategies.

Policy brief

Main findings and impacts from the NEWSERA project as well as policy recommendations in science communication of citizen science initiatives.

Misinformation checklist

When involved in citizen science initiatives, citizen scientists become themselves science communicators being able to influence their closer social spheres as well be considered as primary sources of information for the media. As such, citizen science could be considered as a powerful tool for debunking misinformation, disinformation and fake news. A checklist on how to do it was co-created under NEWSERA.

Latest events and presentations

NEWSERA has disseminated its results and methodologies in several conferences, workshops and training courses. This will continue beyond the project ended, so feel free to contact us for any talk or participatory activity invitation.

Presentation at conferences
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Scientific publications
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NEWSERA final video

#CitSciComm Labs series

NEWSERA final conference – Streaming

#Data4CitSciNews event in Barcelona – Streaming

Data4CitSciNews art exhibition

The DATA4CitSciNews art exhibition is the first to be focused on the intersection of citizen science and data journalism, being composed of iterative analogical and digital modules, films and books, and complemented with a catalogue with invited essays. It was built as an itinerant exhibition (displayed in Brussels and Barcelona) and is currently available in English and Spanish. Please contact us if you are willing to have it on your site.

Video of the exhibition

Photo gallery

Exposición Data4CitSciNews - Inauguración

NEWSERA legacy

Establishment of a citizen science innovation program to explore innovative funding schemes and boost their recognition.

Expanding and strengthening the European citizen science community through capacity building and awareness raising activities. Also, the project will create the European Citizen Science Academy and establish of a network of 28 ECS Ambassadors.

Coordinated Opportunities for Advanced Leadership and Engagement in Science Communication in Europe. The project will consolidate, develop and integrate the generated knowledge and connections in science communication to build the European Competence Centre for Science Communication.