Co-Identifying ethical and misinformation issues with NEWSERA pilots

  • 4 April 2022 - 8 April 2022
    All Day CEST

The second round of the NEWSERA #CitSciComm Labs will see a series of workshop dedicated to cross-cutting topics.

In April 2022 the NEWSERA Pilots will address ethical issues and misinformation, in the Lab “Co-Identifying ethical and misinformation issues with NEWSERA pilots“. Participants will discuss ethical aspects in the development of participatory and citizen science projects; ethical issues that permeate science research and, in particular, its communication; use and management of data; how citizen science can become a fundamental dimension of the science community strategy to counteract misinformation.

The Lab will be held separately in national groups in Italy, Spain and Portugal, with workshops in the national language.

Participation in this Lab is reserved to the NEWSERA Pilot projects.


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